Wondering if juicing  is right for you? Here’s a quick list of tips and benefits to juicing  your fruits and vegetables!

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A few of the benefits to juicing include:

  • Helps you to get the recommended 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day 
  • A good way to “eat the rainbow”, or get all colors and varieties of fruits and vegetables, containing a whole spectrum of nutrients
  • It’s easily and quickly absorbed by the body, as most of the pulp and fiber is removed
  • Is a concentrated version of fresh vitamins and nutrients 
  • It can revitalize and strengthen the body’s various systems
  • It won’t  tax your body’s digestive system or make you tired from digestion (which can happen you eat a large meal)
  • Allows you to use part of the produce that you might not otherwise use, such as the rind of the watermelon, which can be added to the juicer. Thus, you are obtaining more of the vitamins from all the parts of the  food.


Ideas and tips for juicing:

  • Green juices are an ideal way to jumpstart the day.
    • Try: parsley, spinach, and kale  mixed with cucumber and green apple for a delicious drink


  • Lemon and ginger are wonderful additions to fresh juices!
    • The whole lemon can be added or just the flesh without the peel
    • Ginger root can be added whole and unpeeled to the juicer
      • Tip: A little nub of ginger root, about 1” can go a long way
    • Try: For an extra kick add cinnamon and/or cayenne pepper 


  • Tomato juice has been a household favorite for years! Make your own by adding carrots and herbs such as mint or basil  
    • Tip: if you have a centrifugal juicer or the herbs seem to get stuck in the chute,  form them into a tight ball or to wrap them around the chunks of fruit or vegetables before putting them through the chute


  •  Beet juice is one of the most cleansing and detoxifying juices
    • Try: add grapefruit or carrot juice to create a blend

What’s your favorite juicing combo? Share some of your juicing ideas below!

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