Forget buying those mildly flavored waters with synthetic vitamins in them from the store.  Make your own infused waters!  Read on for some of our favorite fruit & herb infused water combinations! Infused Water


Adding any sliced citrus fruits, berries, cut stone fruits (plums, peaches), or pears or apples and herbs such as basil, mint, chamomile, lavender, or thyme can enhance a nice chilled glass of water.   Mint and basil have the effect of being energizing, while lavender and chamomile are relaxing.  Note that lavender and mint or basil can also be combined.

Ginger root can sometimes work and so can cinnamon.  Since these are basically iced herbal teas, also known as tisanes, use your taste buds and imagination to develop your signature flavor.  These will keep you cool and refreshed throughout the summer.  This is an ideal no-to- low calorie beverage without any synthetic dyes or sweeteners.

How to:  2 main  methods work for infusions: heat and the other is time.  Note that you can drink your water right away but the longer  the ingredients steep into the water, the stronger it will be.  If you want a strong iced tisane right away, add the ingredients to warm or hot water, steep for 3 minutes, and then pour the liquid over ice to chill.

If you have a tea ball or tea bags for loose leaf tea, you can put the herbs or roots in there if using.  Otherwise,  just put the ingredients in whole loosely in the water. Stems can be attached, or removed based on your preference.

Some great combination ideas to get you started:

  • Berries and fresh mint leaves
  • Watermelon and basil or mint leaves
  • Green apples, lemon and a touch of cinnamon or a few fresh mint leaves
  • Pineapple, lemon or lime and fresh mint
  • Kiwi, lemon, and berries

Just add water and ice (optional) and allow to steep for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Give it a stir and enjoy!

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