I know. It’s been quite some time. To get straight to it –  there’s been a slew of personal events that I had to deal with/ go through within the past 6 months from every instrumental touchpoint in my life. In addition, I  had to take a moment to hone in on the direction of and lock in where exactly I wanted to take this impending movement. Not wanting to lose sight of my vision, I had to bring it back a bit to move forward.


I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve come out of it more INVIGORATED than ever before and I’m terribly excited to unveil all of the changes & features that we’ve been working so hard on behind the scenes these past few months. Even in the midst of this lull, you still visit us, email us  and share  what’s found here on  In this post, I’d like to just take to a moment and say THANK YOU to all of you who have shown so much love, support and enthusiasm for & our mission. Your encouragement, kind words, donations (word!) and consistency has not gone unnoticed and it’s SO very appreciated. The best is truly yet to come and I won’t let you down.  Continue to stay tuned!!

” Live Strong, Be Humble & Stay True” – Ms. Kelly P. <3

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