Despite regular exercise , eating relatively healthy and  keeping an all around positive mindset -  it still gets tough to stay focused (ADHD issues aside) and I  feel a bit dragged at times.  Now, this  could mean that I’m due for a vacation ( t-minus 36 days to T&T!!) or  that I need more rest ( can’t create itself!) or maybe it’s just todays’ weather getting to me ( rainy, cold, windy, sucky & blah).  In any case, it  got me thinking  about taking vitamins again for that extra energy boost.  In the past I’ve taken daily multivitamins  such as Nature Made Multi Daily  , One a Day Energy and more recently Deva Vegan Multivitamins to help provide just that .

My overall sentiment when taking these vitamins was that they didn’t really make too much of a difference in how I was feeling. I recognize this could have been due to my inconsistency of taking the  1 a Day pills, abruptly stopping after 2 weeks of taking the Nature Made multi ( way too big for me) or my overall diet at the time (  a multi & 2 donuts for bfast please!).  The vegan pills were easy  to take and  I actually liked taking them (I finished the entire 90 day bottle about 5 months ago) but  nutritionally or physically  I didn’t recognize any added value.

I try to incorporate what is valuable & beneficial for a vegetarian diet: protein, B12, calcium, Omega3 & iron.  Most foods like eggs, cheese and certain beans, nuts, grains and fish/fish oils will cover these essentials.  Aside from eating foods that naturally have these nutrients,  you can take a pill  to artificially provide the benefits  but  a good step prior to that may be to speak with a professional. For me,  getting a more in depth look at how my body is doing  & confirm if I have any deficiencies that vitamins can supplement may be the

With that, I’ve made an appointment with a nutritionist prior to taking on a new supplement regimen.  I may try some of these multivitamins again or something new altogether. Either way, I’ll keep you all posted on any ideas & share any insight after my visit in a couple weeks.  In the interim – please feel free to share what has worked/hasn’t worked for you!

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