So, I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home on Fridays at my current job and with the peace & quite at home,  I usually designate the day to catching up on all of the work I’m not able to do in the office during the week . With this catch up, I get so consumed with what I am doing that I oftentimes don’t want to interrupt my work flow to make a grand meal. My stomach on the other hand  doesn’t give a damn what I’m in the middle of doing and when she wants to be fed- she wants to be fed! It is during these times that I don’t get to (healthy) snack as much as I typically do and should so I’m usually ravenous by lunch time.  This then typically leads to the  quickest & easy way to solve this problem – i.e fast food or convenience meals.  Not the best way to maintain a healthy diet so it’s important for me to have meal options that I can throw together without a great deal of prep, that’s relatively healthy and yummy.

Today, instead of giving in to fast food temptations ( whoop whoop!!) I decided to use what I already had in the fridge & cupboard to make a quick & easy pasta & eggplant lunch.

Budding Veg Lunch: Wheat pasta & eggplant spinach slices

Total prep time: 15 mins.


- about half a box of pasta

- tomato sauce ( find recipe here)

- eggplant & spinach slices (find recipe here)

- 2 tbsp evoo

- salt & pepper to taste

- 2 1/2 water


- bring the water , olive oil salt & pepper to a boil & add in pasta. Cook until desired firmness

- if using left over homemade tomato sauce like I did, heat it over the stove & add in a sprinkle of water (no more then 1/4 cup) while stirring.  Heat for about 5 minutes  taking precaution not to over heat

- heat eggplant slices in toaster for about 4-5 minutes or until cheese has melted again – again do not over heat as no one likes rubber – like eggplants

-  Put it all together & enjoy :)

By the way- working on the photo skills so bear with me during this transitional period :)

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